23 year old admits to stealing from University students’ bags at the Library

23 year old Amber-Ann Zammit from Hamrun appeared before Magistrate Charmaine Galea on Wednesday morning and pleaded guilty to stealing money from University students’ bags whilst they visited the campus library.

Zammit, who was assisted by lawyers Franco Debono and Marion Camilleri, was charged with six counts of theft, three of which were aggravated by the time of the offence. The amounts stolen were €20 and €70 each time.

Inspector Colin Sheldon explained that Zammit had visited the University – where she is not enrolled as a student – library five times in November and once last week, to pilfer small amounts of money which she then allegedly spent on designer goods.

The inspector said that the woman had been identified from CCTV footage, which showed her rifling through bags deposited in the library pigeonholes. The pigeonholes are unsecured and are there because students – unlike in many other European University libraries – are not allowed to take bags into the building.

Zammit told the court that she wished to plead guilty. The court warned her that she could be jailed for up to two years and that a suspended sentence was not an option, as the woman had already been given a 3-year conditional discharge for a previous crime; theft, from a Sliema fashion outlet – in 2016. Zammit however insisted with her guilty plea.

She was granted bail pending sentencing and the prosecution requested that she be banned from entering University grounds.