5 Things You Wouldn’t Want to Forget

Your Soiree



When you take part in a soiree, being that of SAC, JC or the infamous Lasallian Nights, this is one experience you’d never want to forget. Starting off as a one-man-project by Tom Grech in 2016, Plastic Moments has always aimed to preserve your memories in the best way possible. Plastic Moments produce polaroids using an Instax camera, making your memories much cooler, as well as durable.

Your Chance To Meet A Celeb



Who’d want to miss their chance to meet celebs? Plastic Moments has worked with New York Best and local celebrities giving people the unique opportunity to sip a milkshake with the likes of Sarah Zerafa and Daniel Azzopardi, while having polaroids to last them forever. Plastic Moments have also had the opportunity to work with Monique Farrugia.

Your Favourite Parties



We all have a party we just want to live through one more time. Plastic Moments has a great CV when it comes to working parties. From Malta Pub Crawl to Limelight, Plastic Moments work their way through parties making people’s memories last longer.

Your Wedding



Who wouldn’t want to remember the most important day in their life? Plastic Moments caters for weddings amongst its other services. Looking to expand throughout Malta and Gozo, the founder fondly states their mission statement as wanting to bring a unique way to document memories and cherish them for the years to come.

Your Baby Shower



You child’s babyshower is quite a milestone in your life, you must admit. The innovative man behind Plastic Moments always looks for new ways to make your memories even more memorable. He says, “Being an entrepreneur has always been my goal in life, the sense of freedom has always been an attractive aspect to me.”

Plastic Moments is the perfect way to make your memories even more cherishable. Check out their Facebook Page here.