9 things we learnt from JAYE Alumni Malta’s latest panel

Written by Martina Mallia – President of JAYE Alumni Malta

In case you missed last Wednesday’s Panel Debate at Quad, hosted by JAYE Alumni Malta in collaboration with ASCS, UESA, ICTSA and GħSL, here are the nine most important things we took home with us from our four inspirational speakers.


  1. Learn to say NO

You take passion in talking about what you do and love taking on new opportunities, but at the back of your mind, you know your head is exploding with work. Sounds familiar?

Sometimes, the most difficult thing in entrepreneurship and in life, in general, is saying no. Do not be afraid of refusing offers, especially those tasks that could quite possibly compromise your mission.

  1. Take on one thing at a time

Concentrate on one single task at a time, and cut off any distractions. What about that message you received from your friend telling you her latest gossip? Ignore it. Switch off your phones or any possible leeways.


  1. The real challenge is to make all ends meet

The more you work, the quicker you can make all ends meet, but there’s a fine line between working to make ends meet, and becoming a workaholic. Does this line exist in entrepreneurship?

Realistically, if you do not have a love affair with your business then what are you doing there? You must be passionate at work and believe in your idea, but also leave some personal time for yourself. As a person with a start-up, you might end up just scraping by at first and so working more might seem like the ultimate option. However, you need to learn how to balance your time and work efficiently.

  1. Be Efficient

Learn to prioritise tasks and spread out your work. For every issue, one needs to find a strategy in order to tackle it and get to its solution. Time means money, so you cannot afford wasting time on the nitty gritty situations, especially if you have more important deadlines coming up. A helpful tip might be to make lists and get yourself organised.


  1. Learn the back-end of objects and things around us

People have a tendency to be afraid of learning the back-end of items or quite frankly do not take interest. It is important to understand what is fully happening and how a product functions, instead of taking them for granted, as you can also come up with ways to improve them and most importantly make them happen. It is easier to generate and bring ideas to life when you can code them, since usually our dreams are not acted upon due to limitations and restrictions of tools available.


  1. Be Curious

Albert Einstein once said that he has no special talent, he is only passionately curious.

Many geniuses and intellectual people have one common trait, curiosity. It opens you up to new ideas and gives you a full grasp of what is happening around you. Your mind becomes active and no longer remains passive.

Many people deem curiosity as child-like behaviour, however, it is the key to enhance your knowledge and understanding on a particular topic or object.


  1. Focus on the Specifics

Every little task counts, so do not forget it.

You need to ensure that you consider every aspect of a project, even the minor or less important ones, they might just be the reason your project fails.


  1. Seek Help

Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it. As Sandeep Jauhar puts it The only mistake you can make is not asking for help. There are people who are more experienced in what you do and that are very much ready to help you succeed, so there is no real harm in seeking for their advice.

Additionally, the speakers also reminded us of the institutions that are ready to help students in their start-ups, and who also helped them succeed, be it for advice or for financing. Such institutions include JAYE Malta, TAKEOFF and Malta Enterprise.


  1. Just do it

Go out and chase your dreams while you are still young. Let nothing hold you back. Some of your best ideas are generated now, at this very age.

We have a tendency of holding back on our ideas, thinking they are not possible to achieve with the current resources at hand. The reality is, if you seek out and do your research well, the amount of help you can find to support your idea is astonishing. So it is really not an excuse. Do not be afraid to go out and chase what you are most passionate about, you can be surprised of where that road may lead you. Should all fail, go back, arrange your idea and try again.


We would like to thank our inspiring speakers, Ms Bettina Mifsud, Mr Johan Zammit, Mr Andre Micallef and Mr Jake Xuereb, for giving us a debate worth listening to. If you are feeling as galvanized as we are, come join us at JAYE Malta’s 30th Year Anniversary at the InterContinental on Thursday 6th December to meet more people like these incredible guys right here and form apart of this network of opportunities. For further information contact JAYE Alumni Malta’s Facebook page and we might just throw in a few student discounts too!