Anonymous Phonecalls Received On KSU Elections; SDM Condemn Tactics, Pulse Deny Involvement

SDM this afternoon published a statement that it has received a “huge” number of complaints from students, with these students saying that they have been asked to participate in a survey on the Thursday’s KSU election.  These surveys, SDM claimed in their statement, were being run by anonymous individuals and were asking about the student’s voting intentions for the election and also asking about Pulse’s Parking Optimisation Project.  SDM went on to pose three questions about this survey, as reproduced below, and condemn fully what they call “inappropriate and deceptive tactics”.

Their full statement can be found below;

SDM has received a huge number of complaints from students who have been contacted on their personal mobile phones asking them to participate in a survey with questions directly related to the upcoming KSU Elections. Such surveys are being conducted by anonymous individuals with no clear idea as to whom is behind such surveys. Some students who have politely asked for a clarification as to who is conducting such survey and how did they manage to get their data were not given a reply. Some even stated that the line went dead immediately after we asked”.

University of Malta students have been receiving anonymous telephone calls over the past couple of hours and questioned; whether they heard about the Pulse Parking Optimisation Project and who will they vote for during next Thursday’s election.

Many students are annoyed by the fact that their data has been leaked and being used for electoral purposes.

Who is contacting these students?

Where did the data come from?

Where are these Surveys being held?

SDM calls on the Electoral Commission to look into this with immediate effect and condemn such actions. SDM will be opening up its email address, for all those students that wish come forward with any information they might have. We will treat any information received with full confidentiality and anonymity.

SDM would like to make it clear that it has absolutely nothing to do with the current anonymous surveys that are being conducted and condemns such inappropriate and deceptive tactics, especially two days before such an election.

On behalf of Pulse, organisation president Johnluke Ellul went live to express his views on this statement.  During the broadcast, Ellul expressed disappointment at SDM spreading “serious accusations” against Pulse and went on to completely deny Pulse’s involvement in these surveys or in any other surveys that relate to the KSU elections.  Indeed Ellul states that he himself had received such telephone calls relating to such surveys and that he believes that every individual has the right to vote without any intervention from anyone in the upcoming elections.  He reasserted that Pulse is ready to work hand in hand with the electoral commission and with the university administration to make sure that no student’s data was leaked.  He also called upon SDM to retract any type of accusation it made against Pulse in this matter, before closing by asserting that Pulse believes in “modern politics where everyone has the liberty to think and decide”.

The Yuppie directly contacted the KSU Electoral Commission, and was told that discussions were ongoing within the commission about this matter.