At least one proxy form was ‘falsified’ by KSU Executive member – reports

At least one of the nine controversial proxy forms for the KE election was ‘falsified’ by a member of the KSU Executive according to reports issued by inewsmalta on Tuesday.

The report reads that the newsroom has in its possession screenshots of a chat between a student representative and a member of KSU’s executive that show that the student representative gave permission to the member to fill in the proxy form for her and “consciously falsify her signature”.

The report continues to say that this message exchange was on the afternoon of Monday 15 April – which was meant to be the date in which the election was held, long after the deadline for submissions of proxies had elapsed.

This is one proxy vote out of nine which were refused by KE Commissioner Jean Claude Scicluna on Monday – refusal which led to the suspension of the election.

Speaking to inewsmalta, Scicluna said;

“To further aggravate the situation, it’s laughable that one of the members of the current [KSU] Board of Discipline, who is also the current KSU President, has her signature on one of the forms in question on which she, and her colleagues in the Board, had to make a decision on in an impartial manner. If this is not a conflict of interest, then I do not know what falls under the definition of this term. It is apparent to everyone that there are shortcomings, except ironically for the aforementioned Board of Discipline”

The election for KE is meant to go ahead tomorrow at 19:00 with Nico Muscat and Yacopo Baldacchino contesting as candidates; but it is as of yet unclear as to what will actually happen, with Scicluna insisting that he will not allow those who were not present or had not submitted their proxy forms before the stipulated deadline for the Monday 15 April meeting, and the KSU Board of Discipline making the facility of proxy voting available until tonight.