Complaints As Students Fail Systems of Knowledge Despite High Project Marks

A number of complaints have emerged over the course of Saturday that a number of students failed their Systems of Knowledge examination despite getting a very high – sometimes even full – mark in their project.


The Systems of Knowledge exam, which aspiring students need to have passed to enter the University of Malta, is divided into two parts; a project which is conducted over the course of the student’s studies at Sixth Form, and an examination which is conducted at the end of the course of studies.  The project accounts for a total of 40% of the global mark, whilst the exam accounts for the remaining 60%.  Whilst the breakdown of the marks is not given in the initial text message that students receive which contains their results, the result’s sheet that arrives by post the following day shows the student the exact mark he or she received in the project, but does not show the mark obtained in the written examination.


Following the arrival of these results by post across the islands on Saturday, a number of students have come forward with concerns about their global mark in Systems of Knowledge.  This is because the mark for their project was shown as being very high, for some even a full 40 out of 40; but they are then registered as having gotten an F in the subject as a whole.  This would mean that the students obtained less than 10% in their written exam, a scenario which all these students felt was not possible considering how they felt they fared in the examination halls.


Due to the importance of this subject to any student’s aspirations for enrolling into the University of Malta, the implication that there has been an error in the marks of a number of students is very serious and if it turns out to be the case and it is not rectified, it could have a long-standing effect on the education of these students.


The issue has been brought to the attention of MATSEC Board Chairman Dr. Dario Pirotta by student organisation SDM, who called for the matter to be closely looked into, whilst other students, such ex-Pulse member Fleur Abela, involved in the activism scene also took it into their own hands to contact Dr. Pirotta and request further clarification on the matter.