Controversy in KE election over miscommunication on proxy votes; election rescheduled

There was controversy in last night’s Education Commission meeting, where KSU’s next Education Commissioner was meant to be elected as the validity of several proxy votes were questioned.

The controversy started when the Board of Discipline was made aware that certain proxies were seemingly submitted to the KSU Office before the stipulated deadline but were not passed on to the Education Commissioner as they should have been, and were hence deemed to be inadmissible for the KE election.

“A number of student representatives claimed that they delivered their proxy forms to the KSU Office earlier than the aforementioned deadline, during a period when the KE Commissioner was not present at the office at the time. According to the claims of these student representatives, their proxy forms were not accepted, as the proxy forms never internally arrived to the KE Commissioner in the council, invalidating their rights”, the KSU Board of Discipline wrote in a statement following the incident.

“In this regard, the KSU Board of Discipline notes that since the deadline fell on Sunday 14th April 2019 on 18:59hrs, the KSU Executive should have ensured and facilitated the submission of these forms for all the student representatives and allowed them to submit their proxy forms as per KE’s Standing Order’s Point 4.7”, the Board wrote.

The Board of Discipline recommended that the election take place on Wednesday 24 April at 19:00 and that “the KE Commissioner, KE Commission and KSU Executive agree on an adequate, accessible process, which would ensure that the submission of proxies can be done in the easiest manner, to ensure that all its members are able to carry out their rights and duties as set out in the KSU Statute, KSU Standing Orders, KSU Code of Ethics and/or otherwise as approved during the latest Annual General Meeting held this earliest his year“.

While the Board of Discipline does not, in its statement, indicate any breaches of the KSU statute, KSU Commissioner Jean Claude Scicluna alleged that there were indeed statutory breaches.

In a no-holds barred statement of his own, which was first sent to inewsmalta Scicluna alleged that members of the current KSU, namely President Carla Galea, Secretary General (and President-elect) William Farrugia, and Education Coordinator Naomi Attard were in “clear violation” of and “abusing” the very same system that they are a part of.

“It is completely unacceptable that a few members, most notably and unfortunately people I have worked with throughout these months in KSU have tried to hijack this independent body and election”, Scicluna wrote.

Scicluna also alleged that one of the disputed proxies had been received the afternoon of the same election, after the deadline had elapsed, and alleged that members of the current KSU had lied to students when they said that they had received all the proxies before the stipulated deadline.

Yacopo Baldacchino and Nico Muscat are the two candidates for the role, which is elected by student representatives, and will now stand for election next week.

The full statements issued by both Jean Claude Scicluna and the KSU Board of Discipline can be found below.

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.