FLOW: Order drinks from your phone.

FLOW is the exclusive drink ordering platform launching in Paceville, Malta

Mert Gulen, a young entrepreneur and student at UCLA, and his team are launching a new app next month: Flow. Their first appearance was at TMDI – The Million Dollar Idea competition organised by ICTSA a couple of months ago, where they came second. Since then, they have been working on ways to improve the app and it will be launched next month. 

What is Flow?

Flow is a new mobile app that allows you to order your drinks directly from your phone. It is re-engineering the drink ordering process at crowded bars and nightclubs to eliminate the wait in crowded lines, the fight for attention at the bar and the shouting to order – I mean, we’ve all been to a busy place and waited a good 10 minutes before getting our tray of shots or beer, haven’t we? With Flow, you can browse, customise, order and pay for your drinks all from your smartphone, meaning that, you can kiss goodbye to the days when you had to worry about losing your purse or wallet (or having to keep your change in your bra, right girls?)

You can choose to either pick up your order yourself or get them brought out to you!

Pick up: When you select to pick up your drinks, you receive a unique code on your phone. When you want, you simply walk up to the designated pickup station and show the bartenders this code and receive your exact order.

Delivery: If you are seated, you can order your food and drinks straight to your table. Simply select your table number and have all your orders brought right to you without having to wait to get served.

While not having to deal with cash, counting change or having to wait at the bar sounds great, how do they exactly deal with payments?

Flow uses the same payment processing system as Uber, Netflix and Spotify, therefore, nobody else has access or sees your credit card information apart from you and hence, have all your price sensitive information stored in fully PCI DSS compliant servers.

As you sign up through the app, you enter your credit card information to your respective account. When you’re out, you order your drinks throughout the night which all get added to your tab – onto your bill. At the end of the night, you simply walk out of the club and Flow recognises you leaving and closes your tab for you.

Where can you use Flow right now?

There has been great interest for Flow from many bars and clubs in Paceville. It will be launched in one of Malta’s most well-known bar, Bar Native, and will expand to other clubs shortly after. Let them know which are the best nightclubs in Malta.


Flow’s mission is to re-engineer the drink ordering process and the nightlife in Malta.
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Flow team.
From left to right: Paul Kathmann, Kay Dimech, Mert Gulen and his parents.

Dora Marossy

Currently reading Mary Beard's Confronting the Classics and Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

Dora Marossy

Currently reading Mary Beard's Confronting the Classics and Factfulness by Hans Rosling.