ICTSA Industry Expo Returns Today!

For the fourth year in a row, The ICT Student’s Association will be hosting their industry expo at University, in the Faculty of ICT.  This event will be taking place today, Thursday, October 26th, and will run until 6pm.


It serves as a fantastic opportunity for ICT students to meet their possible future employers.  A massive 31 companies will be present at the event, with each company having their own representatives and stand at the Expo.  Among those companies are heavyweights such as MITA, GO PLC, Melita Ltd, KPMG and PwC along with a whole host of other gaming companies and smaller companies.


In their official press release, ICTSA spoke about how they;

Believe in building dynamic and holistic teams made up of individuals from various academic backgrounds and specialties. This serves them in the short term for the various activities and initiatives we organise, and more importantly in the long term where these developed soft skills and talents are then used at the workplace. Activities like the Industry Expo fulfill our mission to bridge the gap between students and industry.


This is a golden opportunity for all ICT students to get to know their possible future employers!  The Expo runs till 6pm and is taking place within the Faculty of ICT on Level -1!

ICTSA’s Executive Board