KSJC has ‘lost its substance’, Scerri Seychell says while Grech defends Pulse silence on KSJC online voting

KSJC has, over the past two years, “lost the substance and importance” that it once had, SDM President Jake Scerri Seychell said in a filmed interview with The Yuppie; while, in the same interview, Pulse President Owen Grech defended his organisation’s silence on the introduction of online voting at Junior College.

Asked by moderator Albert Galea about SDM’s lack of electoral success in institutions outside University, Scerri Seychell said – among other things – that the last KSJC election and the positives taken from the share of votes that the organisation took from first years gave them hope that in the future SDM would once again be in KSJC.

This was not just so they could boast that SDM is in KSJC, but rather because of a genuine belief that KSJC has “lost the substance and importance” that it had before, Scerri Seychell said before adding that he felt that SDM in KSJC can breathe new life into the council and bring new ideas to that table.

Asked to clarify what he meant in saying that KSJC had lost its substance, Scerri Seychell said that he believes that KSJC can offer more than it has done over the past two years in terms of projects, events, activities, and campaigns.

“I believe KSJC much of the time remains silent in situations where it should make its voice heard. I believe for instance, when it comes to their presence around the college, in activities, and in listening to people’s ideas, KSJC has lost these aims”, Scerri Seychell said.

This is why, Scerri Seychell said, SDM is already preparing for the next electoral campaign so that they can provide an alternative and a new breath of life to Junior College.

Asked whether, given that SDM had not obtained much success in elections outside of University, the organisation’s influence was waning, Scerri Seychell said that this was definitely not the case.

He said that SDM has always provided new ideas in every election in Junior College, MCAST and ITS, such as online voting in Junior College which, he said, they felt would have been the necessary step forward. He lamented however that this was rejected and the turnout of the election subsequently decreased.

Incidentally, Pulse President Owen Grech was, in the same interview, asked about the situation with regards to online voting in Junior College and why Pulse had not supported its introduction like it had in University just a few months prior.

To this, Grech replied that the situation in Junior College was different to that in University, in terms of the effect that online voting would have had on the situation. He said that while its introduction in University would have certainly had an effect on students away on Erasmus or mature and part-time students, the turnout in Junior College was always quite high – between 83 and 85% – and it was unclear what would happen to the turnout if the voting system was changed.

He also noted that there was a certain lack of agreement on the system within Pulse’s membership base, and this also affected their decision to remain silent on the issue; “Pulse is not just me, it’s our members so one has to see and respect their views”, Grech said before adding that he had in fact left it up to each individual member to decide and they decided as they saw fit.

You can watch the full interview with SDM President Jake Scerri Seychell and Pulse President Owen Grech in full below: