KSU demands student compensation, review following law exam mix-up

KSU has demanded that students who were meant to sit for a fifth year law exam earlier today and did not due to a mix-up in the paper be compensated and called on the University to review the process and what went wrong with it.

Masters of Advocacy students were meant to sit for a two hour exam as part of a study unit called Criminal Procedure 2 this morning, but upon sitting down for the exam found that half of the paper was mixed up with questions from another study unit – one which, reportedly, was taught to the students in the previous semester.

The exam has since been postponed to 5pm today.

In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, KSU spoke of its pre-occupation about the situation, namely for two reasons.

“The process of setting a paper involves a board of examiners that compiles and approves the exam. This board should have ensured that the paper tackles the study-unit content of CRL5009. This was not a case of one erroneous question but rather a culmination of missteps by the board when drafting the paper. This resulted in an unjust situation for students who had duly prepared for their final year examinations”, KSU said in their statement.

Meawhile, KSU said that having students sit for an exam that is postponed on the same day at 5pm implies that these students are undoubtedly distracted and distressed by the unexpected and unacceptable situation. This will surely impact negatively the performance of those sitting for the exam, the student council said.

Given this, KSU together with other representatives of the student body demanded that students are compensated for the incident; that a review of all processes, with a review of what went wrong with this exam and what measures should be taken to rectify the issue, be carried out; and that a commitment is made by the University to ensure that such issues are avoided and that they would consider setting up internal procedures on how to deal with such situations should they arise in the future.

KSU said that they are in contact with the relevant entities and we will be following up on this issue and said that students with complaints regarding this session can contact the KSU Education Office on education@ksu.org.mt.

KSU’s statement is endorsed by the Faculty of Laws student representatives, GħSL – Malta Law Students’ Society, ELSA Malta – European Law Students’ Association and JCA – Junior Chamber of Advocates.