KSU laments ‘lack of communication’ from University on new projects

KSU President Carla Galea, speaking during a press conference on Tuesday, lamented the ‘lack of communication’ from the University of Malta administration with regards to the project which will lead to the closure of part of Car Park 6.

“While we are in favour of developments such as these which in the long run will benefit students who come to university, we are not in favour of the fact that we were informed of these developments very late, and in fact it is due to this reason that information such as [the closure of part of Car Park 6] was not communicated earlier by the council”, Galea said.

“We think that a drastic change such as this, which in this case had to be done, should have been communicated with students in the most diplomatic of manners, especially when tis all took place mid-way through the examination period and when this is a situation which was not impossible to mitigate”, she added.

These words from KSU came following news over last weekend that part of the lower area of car park 6 would be closed due to the beginning of construction for a new ‘Sustainable Living Complex’. As part of this project, it was announced that the car park would be closed as of Wednesday, with the notice of closure coming during the last week of the exam period.

Galea also addressed the issue of improving the situation at University with regards to alternative modes of transport, saying that the council had done its best to delve into different means of transport. She noted that not all modes of transport could be applied to all students which was there is a variety of different modes that one can choose from.

She added that the parking itself can be a viable option when there is no other alternative, but stressed that there has to be a balance, and that both students and staff at university should take up the possibilities of alternative modes of transport since they were available to them.

“There has to be a change in the way one thinks and more importance has to be given to sustainable plans which will serve us in the long term rather than in the near future only”, she concluded.

Photo: Lumco Media