KSU launch policy paper focusing on immigration, calls for integration through education

On what is International Migrants Day, KSU announced a new policy paper focusing on immigration, and which calls for integration through education.

In a press conference on Tuesday, KSU’s KPS coordinator Christian Aquilina said that the idea for the policy paper had originated from a KPS meeting on 6th August, wherein students had shown their concern with regards to the inhumane treatment of irregular migrants upon arrival on European shores.  In that meeting, a vote was taken for the setting up of an immigration focus group that will look more in depth into the matter.

That focus group was set up last summer and made up of The Yuppie’s Chief Editor Julia Cini, JEF’s Daniel Cassar, Insite Malta’s Naomi Bugre, and Emma Grech.  The group had various meetings with numerous stakeholders within the field including current MEPs Roberta Metsola and Miriam Dalli, where the politicians shared how the European Union was handling the migration situation in terms of border control,integration, and inhumane treatment among other subjects.

The group also met Spark 15, a locally run student organisation which is made up of all immigrant students to ascertain whether enough was being done to aid and facilitate the integration of these students within University and other educational institutions, Cini said.

Another stakeholder met was the Jesuit Refugee Service, which offered the group a unique perspective on the situation within Malta’s open centres as the JRS is the only NGO with access to these open centres, Cini explained.

Cassar meanwhile said that this was a subject very close to JEF’s heart and said that “the battle doesn’t stop here” and that the group would continue to meet various stakeholders with different views and opinions on the subject, with the view of working to improve migrants conditions.