Updated: Law exam postponed after mix-up in questions

A law exam has been postponed to later today after a mix-up in the questions set out in the paper occurred, irate law students told The Yuppie.

The unit in question is Criminal Procedure 2 – CRL5009 – which Masters of Advocacy students sit for. The exam was scheduled to take place between 10am and 12:05pm today, but had to be postponed within 15 minutes after students noticed the discrepancies in the paper.

Students told this newsroom that the exam paper contained questions which were not part of the syllabus of that particular unit, but were in actual fact part of a unit which the students had sat for the in the first semester.

The Yuppie is informed that the exam will now take place at 5pm today.

GħSL demand compensation to students

Għaqda Studenti tal-Ligi issued a statement in light of the news demanding that students are compensated following the postponement of the exam.

“GħSL believes that this turn of events has placed these students at a disadvantage; undue stress has been placed on these students, who have duly prepared for this examination which was set to take place this morning at 10am. In light of this grave injustice towards the law student body, GħSL strongly believes that compensation should be awarded to these students in the form of a guaranteed set of marks”, the organisation wrote in a statement.

GħSL said that they had contacted the Faculty of Laws about the matter and is currently awaiting a reply.

Postponement causes further confusion and stress to students – ELSA Malta

ELSA Malta have lamented the situation, saying that it only causes more confusion and stress for students.

“While we are still looking into the issue, ELSA Malta is very concerned about this and strongly emphasises the importance of a proper review procedure of the examination papers before they are handed to students during the exam itself so as to ensure that mistakes like this do not happen in the future. This not only causes confusion but also adds on to the stress students already have”, the organisation said.

They said that they are examining the situation for possible solutions.