Live: The 2019 KSU AGM

A year of work by the current KSU executive comes to a close today, during the council’s Annual General Meeting – and The Yuppie is here in Sir Temi Zammit Hall to lead you through proceedings.

During today’s AGM we’ll have a final list of candidates – we’re not expecting anybody else to have thrown their hat into the ring other than SDM’s team of 11 candidates after Kris Bajada this morning announced that he will not be contesting the elections after all – and also an election date.

Another snippet of information that we will get to know for certain today is the roles that each SDM candidate will be contesting for. So far we know that William Farrugia is lined up for KSU’s top role, and that current Culture & Entertainment Coordinator Celine Bartolo will be taking on a role within the council’s administration.

The other most notable part of proceedings will be when each of the current KSU members present their respective reports, and also the point where motions are passed. This point of the AGM last year saw the proposal and subsequent approval of online voting to replace the traditional ballot sheets; with the voting system resulting in a major increase in the electoral turnout.

This being said, if anybody has proposed some groundbreaking motions – they’ve remained awfully quiet about it so far. Still – never say never!

Either way, it should prove to be an interesting AGM, and Becca Bonello Ghio, Sara Marston, Zoe Louise Gatt, and Rebecca Zammit are all strategically placed within Sir Temi Zammit Hall to provide you with minute-by-minute updates of proceedings.

Graphic Credit: Rebecca Zammit