MAKE give full support to teachers strike, faculty

The Malta Association for Knowledge and Education (MAKE) which represents students within the education faculty are in agreement with the industrial action called by the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT).

The MUT has called a strike next Monday across primary, secondary, post-secondary and tertiary schools across the country.  Marco Bonnici, President of the MUT, also confirmed to journalists on Friday that the University of Malta would also be affected by this strike.

Asked by this student media organisation for their stance on the industrial action, MAKE replied with the following statement:

MAKE agree with this strike. We feel that the profession of teaching is fundamental and should be given the respect it deserves. Teachers are there to inspire the youth to continue their studies and move on to a prosperous career later on in life therefore we feel that this strike is vital as the proposed law will be a hurdle in the profession and give teachers less time to concentrate on their students. After reading the statement put out by the faculty of education we are in full agreement with what was written and support the faculty’s decision.

The organisation added that it was possible that not all lecturers would be on strike come Monday, and that students should contact their faculty for exact details to avoid attending university on Monday for nothing.