MHSA Clarify Matters Regarding SDM Candidate Following Pulse President Remarks

Remarks passed during The Exec Debate which was organised by The Yuppie last Thursday and saw the executives of political student organisations SDM and Pulse, have drawn the attention of the Malta Health Student’s Association (MHSA).  This is due to remarks passed by Pulse President Johnluke Ellul about one of SDM’s candidates; Naomi Attard, who up until yesterday’s AGM held by MHSA, held the position of Secretary General within the organisation.

Attard’s candidature was the centre of a discussion between SDM President Neil Smart Costantino and Pulse President Johnluke Ellul, with the former stating that Attard was “the only candidate from the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)” who was contesting these elections.  Ellul responding by saying that Attard is currently a first year student of Medicine and Surgey; and that, whilst he did not wish to delve into MHSA’s statute, he said that the situation was comparable to “a European Studies student entering a Law student organisation.”

Following these remarks, MHSA, who yesterday elected their new executive for the upcoming term, released a note clarifying the issues related to this situation.  The note is reproduced hereunder, in full.


During a debate organised by The Yuppie, held on quad on Thursday 12th April 2018, between members of the executive boards of student organisations SDM and Pulse in light of the upcoming KSU elections, comments were made by Pulse President Mr. Johnluke Ellul that we as MHSA feel require clarifications.


Following SDM President Mr. Neil Smart Costantino’s remark about outgoing MHSA Secretary General Ms. Naomi Attard being “the only candidate from the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)”, Mr. Ellul stated that Naomi Attard is currently a first year student of Medicine and Surgery.


Following this, he continued to state that, although he did not wish to delve into MHSA’s statute, this was comparable to “a European Studies student entering a Law student organisation”.


MHSA would like to state that Naomi Attard’s appointment as Secretary General occurred in May 2017, when Ms. Attard was a final year BSc. Nursing student. MHSA statute and by-laws state that the requirements to take the role of Secretary General are:


  1. Being a Faculty of Health Sciences student, up to one’s final year
  2. Having already been a member of the MHSA Executive Board for one year


Ms. Attard held the role of Public Relations Officer in the year prior to her appointment as Secretary General, thus satisfying the second requirement.


Furthermore, Ms. Attard was always committed to the well being of all FHS students during her time in MHSA, including during her past months as a medical student. Ms. Attard was heavily involved in the resolution of both the placement payment issue, as well as the mentorship issue, both of which occurred after Ms. Attard’s completion of the BSc. Nursing course, as well as forming part of several important projects within MHSA.


MHSA would like to remind all fellow student organisations that should anyone have any queries regarding any matters concerning the organisation, they are more than welcome to discuss these issues with us, where we would gladly clear any points of concern.


At the time of writing of this Press Release, Ms. Attard no longer forms part of the MHSA Executive Board following the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 16th April 2018, and Ms. Attard was therefore not involved in the composition of this Press Release. MHSA are also therefore not in any way linked to either organisation contesting the upcoming KSU elections.

We would also like to wish all candidates contesting for the upcoming KSU elections the best of luck.


Questions to Pulse President Johnluke Ellul regarding this press release remain unanswered at the time of writing.