MHSA & KSU Speak About Greener Blueprint Campaign

The Malta Health Student’s Association (MHSA) and the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) today addressed a press conference regarding the campaign ‘A Greener Blueprint’ on quadrangle.  This project formed part of KSU’s Campaign +, which this year aimed at tackling the problems of waste management and of environmental sustainability.


The press conference today was aimed at the matter of plastic waste.  Standing in front of the massive cube erected for Freshers Week as a dustbin for plastic bottles, representatives from both MHSA and KSU addressed those present about the reasons for this campaign, the effect it has on our environment and what can be done to fight against those effects.


Speaking to everyone, MHSA’s Social Policy Officer Daniele Maniscalco how non-renewable plastics have a negative effect on our environment, our health and also the habitats of other animals, such as marine life.  Maniscalco went on to say that “whilst [their] aim is to convey the message of reusing and recycling, [they] feel that [their] message would be more effective if [they] initiate change on campus first.”




Maniscalco went on to speak about how certain recycling infrastructure, such as bins, may be present on campus, there is no recycling plan to go along with them.  He spoke about the contribution that students can make on campus starts from the bottles of water that are used, before pointing out the substantially full net of plastic bottles behind him.


With this in mind, MHSA and KSU have come together to release a non-disposable plastic bottle that can be re-used multiple times and that can replace a conventional non-renewable plastic bottle.


This campaign,which also included participation in a nation-wide cleanup in September, was part of MHSA’s belief that health is not only what happens in clinics and hospitals, but it extends to promoting a good and healthy lifestyle within a clean environment.