Monday’s planned teachers strike action has been suspended

The Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) have suspended their planned strike action.

In a statement, the Union said that after a meeting of its general council and a meeting with the Ministry for Education it had decided to withdraw the strike action that was planned to affect all schools across the island on Monday.

The strike had been called for Monday after the union objected to amendments to the Education Act, which the union said would remove teachers’ professional status.

The action was withdrawn, the union said, after an agreement that the new clauses related to warrants and licenses being tied with training and proficiency be removed, whilst a principal agreement for amendments in clauses regarding qualifications, homeschooling, school licenses, board structures, information gathering and security were also reached.

In light of this agreement, the MUT withdrew the industrial dispute and suspended the strike action that had been called for this coming Monday, but reserved the right to take similar action if the Education Act, or any other act, were tabled without consultation with the union.

This means that lectures at University and sixth forms across the country will go ahead as per usual on Monday.