Omar Chircop elected to Council; 25 students take up Senate and Faculty Board places

Omar Chircop won the election for the solitary student representative spot on the University Council, beating out KSU’s current Secretary General William Farrugia for the post.

Two places on the University Senate were also up for grabs for Post-Graduates in November’s elections, and a hotly contested election saw KNZ’s Chiara Vassallo take home the most votes, closely followed by veteran activity Beppe Galea.  Former GhSL President Daniele Gafa narrowly missed out on one of the spots.  Yasmine Ellul meanwhile secured the solitary Undergraduate spot available on the Senate.

A total of 22 students took up places on faculty and institute board, and elections were needed to decide the representatives on 8 faculty boards.  The full results of these elections, along with those of the Council and Senate, can be found below;

Council Elections

Azzopardi, Samuel129
Brannon, Sylvana143
Chircop, Omar1146Elected
Farrugia, William905
Schembri, Karl Andrew215

Senate Elections - Post Graduate Students

Azzopardi, Samuel576
Gafa, Daniele1116
Galea, Beppe1265Elected
Vassallo, Chiara1340Elected

Senate Elections - Under-Graduate Students

Brannon, Sylvana363
Cutajar, Aidan1110
Ellul, Yasmine1310Elected
Schembri, Karl Andrew531

Faculty of Arts Board

Azzopardi, Samuel63
Muscat, Nico68Elected

Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy Board

Gauci, Matthew Patrick299Elected
Scicluna, Jeremy John140

Faculty of Engineering Board

Galea, Elton30
Xuereb, Matthew149Elected

Faculty of Health Sciences Board

Degabriele, Edward267Elected
Deguara, Naomi275Elected
Fenech, Kylie117
Park, Jessica Joan61

Faculty of Laws Board

Brannon, Sylvana90
Cuschieri Debono, Celine235Elected
Mormina, Mirea80

Faculty of Medicine and Surgery Board

Abela, Matthias222
Gatt, Denise230Elected

Faculty for Social Wellbeing Board

Borg, Maria90
Camilleri, Matteo123Elected
Spiteri, Jillian135Elected

Institute for Physical Education and Sport Board

Abugrin, Sabrina23Elected
Busuttil, Luke22
Campbell, Elisa June26Elected
Spiteri, Christopher13

There were 8 other boards that needed vacancies filled, and these all ended up being filled exactly; meaning that there was no need for an election.  The list of people taking up places in the boards are as follows;

Faculty for the Built Environment – Mattea Fenech

Faculty of Dental Surgery – Charlotte Louise Axisa, Anne Camilleri

Faculty of Education – Gail Axiak

Faculty of Theology – Roderick Baldacchino, Karl Andrew Schembri

Institute for European Studies – Gabriel Mallia

Islands and Small States Institute – Robert Tabone

International School for Foundation Studies – Bader Alhaddad
School of Performing Arts – Julian Carl Chircop

The Yuppie would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them luck in their terms!