Online voting refused for KSJC elections

An online voting system for the elections for the Student Council of Junior College (KSJC) has been refused at the council’s AGM on Wednesday afternoon.

The system would have digitised elections, with its proponents arguing that it would make electing student representatives easier and more efficient and would serve to bring more people involved into student council elections.

The amendments to the KSJC statute, which would have been required so to implement online voting, were presented at the council’s AGM on Wednesday by Cheyenne Riolo; however they were rejected by the students present at the AGM.

232 people voted against the proposed amendments, whilst another 163 voted in favour.  A two-thirds majority was required for the changes to be enacted.

SDM had campaigned fervently for the introduction of online voting in Junior College over the course of the past week or so.  The student political organisation had also noted when they had initially made the proposal that Pulse were still on the fence about the idea, whilst they accused KSJC of being seemingly “absolutely against” the introduction of the system.

On their part, no reference was made by Pulse on any of their social media accounts to the potential entry of online voting and on their position – either for or against – on the system.

Online voting was introduced at University last May and used for the first time in the most recent KSU elections.  In the case of the KSU AGM, the proposed amendments were accepted unanimously.  The turnout registered in that election was vastly higher than previous years, with a record 50% of the electorate casting their vote for the council.