Top Organisation Influentials Tipped For KSU Elections

It has been almost two weeks since Pulse announced that they will once again be contesting in the elections for the University Student Council, KSU.  Since then speculation has been rife over who the candidates that both Pulse and SDM will be fielding for the elections.  As time passes however and the election draws ever nearer, a bigger picture of the candidate list starts to present itself.



Indeed, according to reliable sources, SDM will be retaining Carla Galea in their candidate list for this year and may have her name put forward for the role of President.  She forms part of the current KSU administration in the role of Secretary General, having taken up that place during last year’s KSU AGM. She is also a student representative on the University Council, having taken up that role in November last year following a closely-won election.


According to these same sources, it is rumoured that she will be joined on the candidate list by Daniel Vella.  He is also a student representative, but on the University’s Senate as opposed to the Council.  In terms of student activism, he currently serves as President of ELSA Malta, with his term ending in the coming weeks.



Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence; news has already broken of the potential candidature of Jacob Portelli with Pulse as President.  However other sources have indicated that whilst it is likely that Portelli will be on the candidate list; his name won’t be in line for the role of President.  Vying for that role could be Jean Claude Scicluna, with two independent sources signalling this possibility.  Scicluna, a medicine student, served on the Supervising Council with MMSA for the 2016/17 term.  Away from student activism he is also the Vice Chairman of the Malta Heart Foundation.


There are also rumours that law student Thomas Camilleri will have his name on the ballot sheet with Pulse.  Camilleri is no stranger to student activism; he served on the De La Salle College 6th Form Council in the role of Public Relations Officer and was also Pulse’s University Co-Ordinator for the duration of 2016.


With the KSU AGM, and hence the election date, drawing ever nearer a clearer picture will certainly begin to present itself very soon.  What is sure however is that for the first time since 2015, SDM and Pulse will be facing off in an election at University; and that The Yuppie will  be providing coverage of it every step of the way.