Michael Piccinino Retains Place in Senate; 19 Students Take Up Faculty Board Places

Thursday 1st March was the date for students to choose their representatives both on the University Senate and on the Boards of 12 Faculties and Institutes.  With all the nominations received, elections were however required for only the Senate and 5 Faculty Boards, with the other 7 Faculty and Institute Boards being uncontested.


The big news was that Michael Piccinino was re-elected onto the Senate for another term of two years, taking 51% of the 1,289 votes cast.  Piccinino finished ahead of the two other candidates Thomas Camilleri, who obtained 37%, and Amy Camilleri, who obtained the remaining 12% of the votes, in the election.


The Faculty of Arts also saw a well-contested election with four candidates vying for two places on the Faculty Board.  Out of the 113 votes cast, Martina Tabone and Josyln Saliba were elected with 72 and 61 votes respectively, whilst Nico Muscat missed out by just 4 votes, with 57, and Alexander Gatesy Lewis finished with 37 votes.


The Board of the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences had a single vacancy and that was taken up by Damian Cuschieri who obtained 30 votes out of 44 votes cast, beating Daniel Briffa in the process.  The vacancy on the Faculty for Social Wellbeing Board was taken by Duncan Muscat, who had already held this position before.  He came out ahead of Stephania Fenech and Kelly Anne Zerafa to take that place.


Elections for the two vacancies in the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Board were very close, with Nicola Camilleri and Michelle Cortis both being elected with the same number of votes, and Emanuel Agius missing out by just the single vote.  The elections for the three vacancies in the School of Performing Arts saw a tie as well; second year students Robyn Elishah Vella and Julian Chircop were both elected with an equal number of votes, whilst another election will be needed to separate Matthew Gellel and Daniel Formosa and to see who of them will take the third spot.


The full results with the vote count, can be found below;


Senate Election Results1289 votes cast 
Amy Camilleri151 votes
Thomas Camilleri480 votes
Michael Piccinino658 votesElected


Faculty of Arts Board113 votes cast 
Alexander Gatesy Lewis37 votes
Nico Muscat57 votes
Josyln Saliba61 votesElected
Martina Tabone72 votesElected


Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences Board44 votes cast 
Daniel Briffa14 votes
Damian Cuschieri30 votesElected


Faculty for Social Well-being Board120 votes cast 
Stephania Fenech42 votes
Duncan Muscat62 votesElected
Kelly Anne Zerafa16 votes


Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation Board13 votes cast 
Emanuel Agius8 votes
Nicola Camilleri9 votesElected
Michelle Cortis9 votesElected


School of Performing Arts Board8 votes cast 
Gloria Borge Lasarte2 votes
Julian Chircop6 votesElected
Daniel Formosa5 votesSecond Election Required
Matthew Gellel5 votesSecond Election Required
Nicoletta Pizzicotti0 votes
Robyn Elishah Vella6 votesElected



There were 7 other boards that needed vacancies filled, and these all ended up being filled exactly; meaning that there was no need for an election.  The list of people taking up places in the boards are as follows;


Faculty of Built Environment – Kylie Mangiani and Adam Pace


Faculty of Engineering – Nathan Gatt


Faculty of Information and Communication Technology – Jason Micallef (Post-Graduate), Julian Demicoli and Matthew Vella (Both Undergraduate)


Faculty of Law – Clint Meli (Post-Graduate)


Faculty of Science – James-Nicholas Grima Delia Spiteri Cornish


Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development – Yolande C. Newton and Anthony Rizzo


Institute for Tourism, Travel and Culture – Owen Grech


The Yuppie would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them luck in their terms!