Pulse keep hold of ITS student council

Pulse have retained their hold on the ITS student council, having won the recent student elections and electing all five of their candidates.

Pulse won 74% of the vote, which was enough to see their five candidates take their places on the council.

Luke Azzopardi, currently reading for a certificate in events, will take on the role of President.  He will be joined by Diploma in Food Preparation and Production student Kurt Scicluna,  Certificate in Events and Leisure student Leanne Said, Certificate in Travel and Tourism student Rowena Gauci Falzon, and Certificate in Rooms Division student Desi Borisova Shumanova.

Such is the nature of the ITS student council, that it will be the president who will decide the roles of the other four members of the team.

Under the slogan ‘Ready for More’, Pulse’s manifest included proposals such as looking into the possibility of building a games room, entering discussions to strengthen wi-fi, organising the first ITS Cooking Day, implementing a student discount card, a plant a tree initiative wherein a tree will be planted for each graduated student, and various events such as a Freshers’ Gathering and a football tournament.