INTERVIEW: Pulse’s ReThink Campaign Explained

Pulse have recently launched a new campaign called ‘ReThink‘, the aim of which is to essentially rethink the current means of entertainment available to Malta’s youths; especially youths under the age of 17. This campaign sprouted out of the general feeling that Maltese teenagers may feel somewhat restricted with how and where they can spend their free time.  ReThink aims to shift the current norm of parties and clubbing to a more cultural and entertainment-based method of night life.


The campaign was launched on January 27th in front of Parliament in Valletta, with both Pulse President Johnluke Ellul and Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Youth and Voluntary Organisations, Hon. Dr. Clifton Grima present for the launch.  It will run throughout February and March, drawing feedback and support from Secondary and Post-Secondary students especially, and will culminate with a full proposal being presented, based on the feedback received.


We spoke to Pulse General Secretary Noel Mifsud to get more of an idea on how this campaign will work.


What was the exact motivation behind the subject for this campaign?


As Pulse, given that our main core is obviously teenagers given that we’re spread in 5 institutions. Through both observation and some research done from our side we’ve noticed a certain pattern and discomfort when it comes to the current Youth Culture present in Malta. Certain issues such as a common location where to spend your Saturday night. Hence, we’ve opted to hopefully change this idea and promote new means of entertainment.


The aim of this campaign is to shift away from the current norm of night-life and into new means of entertainment. What means of entertainment do you have in mind for this?


When one discusses entertainment, we’d like to explore various alternatives which are sometimes forgotten due to our fixation on following the current norm. Possibilities would be vary, such as having proper sport facilities throughout the localities which would be accessible and open for all the teenagers throughout the night. The idea of reviving youth groups on a national scale. These are just a few examples, yet when exploring entertainment there are various other means.


How are you going to encourage the youths you’re targeting to actually make this shift happen?


This campaign shall be directly targeted at having teenagers the main protagonists of the end results. In order to really interact with youths and their beliefs, let’s hear them out, let’s listen to what they are proposing and we will then proceed into evaluating their ambitions into reality. In order to do so, we shall need a great amount of support which I’m sure our hard-working members are willing to show us!


What are you hoping that the end result of the campaign is going to be?


As the initial thoughts have always been, after managing to receive positive feedback and proper evaluation, we’d then proceed into concluding with a set of concrete proposals which will change the landscape of the current youth culture. This can be done through consultation with the major stakeholders and perseverance from our side as well.


We wish Pulse the best of luck with the upcoming campaign and hope that it bears fruit.



Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.