Pulse to announce KSU election intentions by ‘the end of the week’ – Owen Grech

Pulse will be announcing their intentions with regards to whether they will contest the KSU elections or not by “the end of the week”, Pulse President Owen Grech has told The Yuppie.

Asked during an interview with The Yuppie whether Pulse would be contesting the upcoming KSU elections, Grech said that he knew that this was a question on the minds of many, but said that for now he could not comment in the affirmative or negative.

He assured however that the student body will have an answer to this burning question by the end of this week.

Pulse returned to the electoral scene on campus last year after an absence of two years, but were left disappointed after losing out by a substantial margin of votes – over 1,000.

Whilst SDM have already announced that they will be fielding a team of candidates for the upcoming elections – news which, as such, came as no surprise to anyone – there has been speculation in student political circles as to whether Pulse would be contesting or not; and, thus far, Pulse have yet to let on with regards to their intentions.

However, we will soon know for certain what Pulse’s decision is and, by right, gain a much clearer picture of what this year’s KSU elections are going to look like.

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