Pulse win KSJC elections

Pulse have won the KSJC elections for a third year in a row, after electing 7 out of 7 candidates on Friday night.

This means that Jaden Dimech will be the next president of KSJC, whilst he will be joined by Kleaven Pisani, Shania Dimech, Zane Borg, Kieran Agius, Britney Agius and Elisa Gauci on the council.

A strong turnout of 77% was registered for the election, despite controversy early on voting day after reports that tens of students were barred from voting after the barcode on their student card was illegible.

From the 1,341 students who voted, 832 were first years, 504 were second years and 5 were foreign students.

Whilst the voting tendancies and demographics are yet to be announced, however early indications are that SDM, despite the global loss, won the majority of votes cast by first years.