SDM announce team of candidates for next year’s KSU

SDM on Monday announced the team of 11 candidates that will represent the organisation in their bid to retain control of the seats in the University’s student council, KSU.

All in all, this year’s team of candidates features an element of consistency to it; five members of this year’s KSU are candidates for another term in the University’s top student office.

One of them – William Farrugia – will be leading SDM’s team and contesting for the role of KSU President.

They are joined by six new names to the KSU field – but not to the student activism scene. The team will be campaigning under the slogan “Int Priorita”, with SDM President Jake Scerri Seychell saying that the students will be at the heart of all the proposals of their manifesto, which will be launched in the coming days.

The full list of candidates for SDM is as follows:

  • William Farrugia
  • Thomas Mifsud
  • Naomi Attard
  • Naomi Deguara
  • Matthew Gauci
  • Eman Haber
  • Celine Bartolo
  • Christian Aquilina
  • May Hefny
  • Julia Cini
  • Matthew Xuereb

William Farrugia, Naomi Attard, Celine Bartolo, Eman Haber and Christian Aquilina all formed part of this year’s KSU, holding the roles of Secretary, Education Officer, Culture & Entertainment coordinator, Financial Officer, and Social Policy officer respectively.

They are joined by student activism stalwarts Matthew Gauci, who is coming off the back of a term with ASCS; UESA President Matthew Xuereb, S-Cubed International Officer May Hefny; MHSA’s Social Policy Coordinator Naomi Deguara; and former SACES President Thomas Mifsud. They are joined by The Yuppie founding member and Editor-in-Chief Julia Cini.

Other than Farrugia’s role; the other roles that SDM’s candidates will be contesting for have, thus far, remained unannounced – however Scerri Seychell mentioned that Celine Bartolo would be occupying a role within the administration side of the council.

With Pulse’s decision not to contest this year’s election, so far it seems that only one role – that of President – will be contested, with Kris Bajada again running for it as an independent candidate.

Updated – 12:48pm:

Following news of Julia Cini’s candidature with SDM, The Yuppie would like to announce that she has resigned from her post of Editor-in-Chief with immediate effect. A statement from the organisation and from Cini herself can be found here.