SDM Banners Vandalised Again; SDM, Pulse Release Statements

For the second time during this election campaign, the SDM posters have been vandalised.  This time the vandalism is more widespread, as the posters on Vjal Tessie were this morning found adorned with red spray paint.  The vandalism comes on the eve of the KSU Elections and on the last day of campaigning.


When contacted, SDM and Pulse released the following statements;



Acts like these will only make us work harder. This is not fair on students who dedicate their time and energy to give something back to the University Community.


Any form of vandalism has no place in society, let alone in the highest educational institution in the country. With just one day of campaigning left, I’m proud to say that we have led a clean campaign. As I stated in the past few weeks, when something similar happened to our banner on Quadrangle, I call on students to appreciate the time that students dedicate to these campaigns. I also call for more security around campus. Surely, the thought of seeing your work ending up like this, will not encourage students to be active.


This is something we need to fight together.


Nikkundanna assolutament dan l-agir u vendikazzjoni fuq strutturi u posters tal-SDM.


Hija ta’ hasra li wara li nkunu hdimna, pjanajna u hrigna flus biex isiru dawn it-tip ta’ logistika taraghhom ivandalizzati.


Nishaq li b’dan l-ezempju u ohrajn li saru fil-passatt indirizzati lejn il-pulse u l-sdm ikunu ta’ wake up call biex tkompli tizdied is-sigurta fuq il-kampus.


The Yuppie condemns any form of vandalism on University’s campus and joins with SDM and Pulse to appeal for better security on University’s grounds so that acts like these aren’t repeated.