What Have SDM Proposed So Far?

Whilst Pulse yesterday launched 15 proposals en masse in a press conferece yesterday, SDM have used the same means to launch some of their keynote proposals on Friday.  This launch comes after the continual release of small batches of proposals every morning throughout the past week.  Here’s our recap of everything that they’ve announced so far, as we drift ever closer to the release of the full manifesto.


Like Pulse on Thursday, SDM gave special focus to transport.  Going under the banner of “Let’s Move – Travelling Made Easy”, SDM released 5 transport focused proposals from their manifesto. Without doubt, the main proposal out of these 5 was the expansion of the park and ride system – a system which has the groundwork in place after work from this year’s KSU.  This park and ride system will work from three localities; Mosta/Ta’ Qali, St. Paul’s Bay and Zabbar, with shuttle busses connecting to University from each of these places.  SDM President Neil Smart Costantino then announced that a pilot project of this system would take place on Wednesday 25th April – the day before the election – with shuttle busses operating from Ta’ Qali to University.


Aside from this, SDM’s Presidential Candidate Carla Galea also announced other transport related proposals.  Pressure would be put on having a direct bus route between Msida and Cirkewwa on Thursdays and Fridays, to aid Gozitans returning home over the weekend; with the same route operating from Cirkewwa to Msida on Sundays.  Meanwhile, three more open days with motorcycle instructors will be organised and lessons will be subsidised to half price.  Also subsidised to half price will be electric pedelec bikes, as SDM look to focus on helping students find alternative means of transport.


This announcement brought to an end a week where SDM launched various other proposals.  On Monday in fact, Neil Smart Costantino gave us his organisation’s first 5 proposals for KSU. SDM pledged that if elected they would make University both more accessible, and also “autism friendly”, something which will be done in collaboration with the ADSC committee. Another propsal mentioned was the hosting of information sessions and conferences relating to cryptocurrencies, a subject which, Smart Costantino said, is becoming a more prominent subject in our daily lives.


Two other proposals, relate to transport, with SDM proposing free public transport for all university students and also a safer subway from the Msida skatepark. These proposals are also being put forward by Pulse, as we said in yesterday’s recap, so we can be reasonably certain that whoever wins the upcoming election, KSU will be working towards these two goals.


Tuesday’s batch of proposals related solely to student organistions.  SDM pledged that if elected into KSU, more audiovisual equipment would be made available to organisations, help with applying for funds would be given and advertising spaces on the KSU website, app and also around campus would be reserved for organisations.  Incidentally, this latter proposals also gives away an as of yet unannounced proposal; revealing that work will continue on the KSU app –  a proposal which was in last year’s manifesto but is as of yet incomplete – if SDM remain in KSU.  SDM also pledged that if elected, there will be a contact person from KSU for every organisation.


The next set of proposals released focused on various different subjects.  One such subject is the international office; which will be providing info booklets for erasmus students.  Two proposals relate to housing, with SDM pledging that they will “safeguard students’ rights” when it comes to the University Residence Project, which is a project by the University administration of building student accomodation on campus.  They also pledged that for Gozitan students renting houses in Malta, an arrangement will be reached to make sure that there are no agency fees applicable to them.  The proposal that caught the eye the most however is the start of a system through KSU through which one can book free lecture rooms; possibly for meetings, or to study, or for any other reason.


Friday meanwhile saw PRO candidate Joseph Farrugia introduce two further proposals, ones which relate specifically to students who follow courses within the Faculty of Builty Environment.  These proposals if fulfilled will see the opening of a studio at all hours of the week, and also see courses within this faculty gain accredation as ‘Prescribed Courses’ and hence better stipends and maintenance grants.


Yesterday saw Pulse launch their first 15 proposals off their manifest, all of which relate to transport.  You can check those out in our recap, here.  With the manifestos soon being released, expect more coverage from The Yuppie as the election continues to heat up.

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie back in 2017 and a History graduate.