SDM, Pulse Sign Declaration Denying Political Party Affiliation

During yesterday’s heated Candidate Grilling, one major talking point came from the Presidential debate between candidates Jean Claude Scicluna, Carla Galea and Kris Bajada.


It was during this discussion, whilst debating about the level of political intervention that one finds in groups such as SDM and Pulse.  Questions related to this matter had risen once again following controversy over the appearance of Pulse candidate Jean Claude Scicluna on the TV show Pjazza and remarks that were passed by the show’s presenter in relation to KSU.  During this discussion, independent candidate Kris Bajada rose to put forward to both SDM and Pulse a declaration that they were not politically affiliated with any party whatsoever.


The four points on this declaration read as follows;


1. I am not affiliated with any political party whatsoever

2. I have not received funding directly or indirectly from any political party

3. I will before the election state how much funds have been spent on this campaign

4. I undertake that if I win the election I will not marginalise any other organisations or representatives of any organisation and am willing to work hand in hand with them for the benefit of all the students


This declaration was signed during the debate by both Pulse president Johnluke Ellul and SDM president Neil Smart Costantino.


Bajada declared this signing as a success and proof that an independent candidate can always suceed because he can bring organisations together.