SDM will contest the upcoming KSU elections

SDM President Jake Scerri Seychell confirmed on Friday night that the student organisation will once again be contesting the upcoming elections for KSU.

Speaking at a reception celebrating the 45th anniversary since SDM’s inception, Scerri Seychell said the organisation would continue to be at the forefront of student political activism, citing SDM’s representation at the University of Malta along with MCAST, Junior College and ITS as things which shall be built upon further.

The first step is the upcoming KSU elections, which – Scerri Seychell confirmed – SDM would once again be fielding candidates for.

The news comes as no real surprise, especially given that SDM have fielded a full team of candidates for a number of years. The organisation has experienced great success in elections at University, although this success has not necessarily been replicated elsewhere as of late.

Just last year, SDM re-confirmed their place on KSU by defeating adversaries Pulse by a margin of roughly 1,100 votes, in what was the first full blown elections that took place on campus after Pulse had decided not to field candidates for two years running.

It remains unclear whether Pulse will indeed be fielding a team of candidates for this year’s elections.