‘Snatching’ of public sports ground for car park is ‘ridiculous’ and ‘completely outrageous’, MUSC say

The “snatching” of the University football ground for use as a car park was described as “ridiculous” and “completely outrageous” by the Malta University Sports Club (MUSC) on Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement published through their official social media page, MUSC blasted the “abrupt” decision taken by the University administration to use the sports ground as a temporary car park, saying that it should not even have been considered in the first place, let alone implemented.

They called for the closure of this space as a car park as the “embarrassing” parking situation had now developed to the point that it was to the detriment of sport.

MUSC’s statement can be found in its entirety below:

The Malta University Sports Club expresses firm disappointment in the abrupt decision undertaken by University Administration involving the unjust use of the Sports Ground area as a car park. This is not only primarily a dangerous situation considering the amount of individuals making use of these outdoor facilities to practice sports, however, is also insulting to the work which has gone into an attempt to give this ground new purpose and the countless plans for development which have been proposed throughout recent years alone.

The embarrassing parking situation present at the University of Malta has now evidently developed at the detriment of sport, an activity not only fundamental for healthy living and a balanced lifestyle, however also an activity which the Malta University Sports Club has been built upon since 1925.

The snatching of a public Sports Ground to facilitate a plan which is in no way a solution to the incredibly huge problem currently being faced by the University of Malta is ridiculous and completely outrageous. Fundamentally, occupying this space should not have even been a consideration – let alone a decision.

The Malta University Sports Club stands by individuals actively making use of this space, students attending the University of Malta, fellow organisations, and KSU, in an attempt to reach a viable solution. A strong call to close this space for parking is therefore upheld.