Systems of Knowledge Failure Rate Nearly Double That Of 2017

The amount of failures in the Systems of Knowledge exam has almost doubled from last year.  This fact comes following the release of the statistics for the May 2018 examination session by MATSEC on Monday morning.


These statistics show that 637 out of 2043 students who sat for the exam came out of it with an F grade, meaning that they failed to pass the subject.  This means that 31% of the students who took the exam, failed to pass.  This percentage is almost double the number of students who failed the exam in May 2017.  In this session, 335 out of 2071 students failed SOK; numbers that tally to 16%.


The Yuppie reported on Saturday that a number of complaints had been put forward by students on their marks, with these students explaining how they obtained very high marks – some even full – in their project, which accounts for 40% of the global mark, but still failed the subject.


It transpires that to pass Systems of Knowledge, a student must obtain a pass mark from BOTH their project and their written examination.  In theory this means, that if a student obtains full marks in their project, and 29 marks of out of 60 in the written examination – that student will still fail the subject, despite getting a 69 as a global mark, which in any other subject would equate to a C.


Students must pass Systems of Knowledge to be awarded the Matriculation Certificate, and to hence be allowed to enroll at the University of Malta.