Mobile office placed instead of student parking

Several students spoke of their anger as the image of a temporary mobile office newly laid out in the middle of a car park reserved for students on campus was circulated on social media.

Students lamented that the placement of the office was only reducing the already limited number of parking spaces that were on offer to students, with one student questioning whether this was the way that the University was going to solve the campus’ inherent parking problem whilst also appealing to KSU to take concrete action against the situation. Concerns were also raised over the danger that the unit could pose to students and their vehicles due to poor weather conditions.

On KSU’s part, Secretary General William Farrugia said that after contacting the University department responsible, it seemed that the placement of the mobile office was as a result of works which are to begin soon, lamenting however that situation was not at all ideal irrespective of the reasons for placement.

He said that the placement of the office would result in the loss of five parking spaces, and added that KSU would be following the issue up this coming Monday when University offices were open.

In this scholastic year, KSU have made strides in promoting alternative means of transport through the introduction of new bike racks, an agreement with car sharing service GoTo Malta and the introduction of a Green Fund taken from a nominal fee charged for every parking permit issues among other initiatives.

The Planning Authority recently approved an application for a new University residence complex which will see a four-level underground car park provided 456 parking spaces being built.

Photo: David Mallia