Parking available in old University football ground from Friday

The old University football ground will, as of Friday morning, serve as a temporary parking space to make up for the parking spaces lost through the closure of part of the lower area of Car Park 6 on Thursday.

In an email sent out to student organisations, KSU President Carla Galea said that there had been developments over the past two days with regards to the situation. She said that it had become clear that the University was willing to cooperate with KSU for a solution to be found.

She said that the council had aired all the students’ concerns after the University had emailed them asking why the council had chosen to portray the University in a negative light last Tuesday.

KSU called a press conference ahead of the car park’s closure on Tuesday where Galea lamented the ‘lack of communication’ from the University to KSU.

“While we are in favour of developments such as these which in the long run will benefit students who come to university, we are not in favour of the fact that we were informed of these developments very late, and in fact it is due to this reason that information such as [the closure of part of Car Park 6] was not communicated earlier by the council”, Galea said on Tuesday.

Following correspondence between the University and KSU, Galea said, the University would be making available the old football ground, which is inside the University’s running track, for parking. It should be noted, that parking on the running track itself will not be permitted.

Additionally, Galea said that the University has also requested a meeting with KSU so to draw up a solid plan for alternative transport use as from next October, when the University Sports Complex project is scheduled to commence, since this same problem will eventually crop up once again.

The communication problems between the administration and KSU were also discussed, and Galea said that she expects progress in this regard as well.

Car Park 6 was closed on Thursday morning as works begin on a new complex of laboratories and classrooms in the area.