EXCLUSIVE: 215Collective’s Interview With The Yuppie

The Yuppie talks to 215 Collective’s Eddie Fresco.


Starting off back in May 2016, brought together by a passion for their art, 215Collective have indeed come a long way. With their recent release of Eddie Fresco’s remix of OOOUUU, I took a personal interest in the conception of these ‘new kids on the block’.

How did 215Collective begin?

215Collective is made up of Eddie Fresco, Yannick, and Caro. When asked about how 215Collective came to be, Eddie passionately told us how he met Caro in secondary school, and Yannick at JC. Yannick and Eddie grew closer spitting bars at Eddie’s grandmother’s house, where they had a microphone set up. Their bond grew closer, and “the rest was history”



What’s in a name?

Probably not many people know the real story behind 215Collective’s iconic name. This story is best told straight from the horse’s mouth:

Like I said me and Caro met in secondary school, but we never recorded any music at that time, because we didn’t have the tools to. Even though I did try my best to do so, I was always told not to, as it would ruin my studies, and that I was “wasting my time”. After about 3 years, the want to make music again grew to the point were I couldn’t hold it back any longer. luckily, I wasn’t living with the same guardian anymore, and when approaching my auntie (new guardian) about it, she approved it, and said that she would never stop me from following my own dreams, and as a thank you, we named the group after the address of the flat she had been living in, 215, Psaila Street, Birkirkara.



Who inspires you as artists?

Eddie Fresco : Asap Rocky, Robb Banks & Playboi Carti
Yannick : Asap Rocky , Wiz khalifa, Joey badass & Big Sean
Caro : Mic Righteous, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean & Avelino

Any plans for the future?

“I personally think Malta has a lot of talent, yet not many Maltese artists take it seriously,” Eddie noted when asked about the local scene. One of 215Collective’s goals is “making it internationally”, and “be the first Maltese hip-hop artists to sell records outside of Malta”.

Doing what we love and making a living out of it, we will be promoting our music on major international websites, to hopefully put Malta on the map, conveying the message the masses while still being true to ourselves, 215 merchandise is also something we plan on working on in 2017



Unfortunately, they face a metaphorical glass ceiling as “there are no music labels in Malta to help the artists on a higher level”. 215Collective is indeed hell bent on making it. They personally fund their music, something they don’t regret as Eddie told us:

The amount of money we’ve put into doing so isn’t something we regret at all, as we know we aren’t just doing it for us, but we hope to have companies reaching out to us for sponsorship of some sort, just to help us get our name up there faster.

So if any of you reading own a company and want to help some amazingly talented people, free to contact them on their Facebook page.