EXCLUSIVE: Brikkuni Front Man Speaks About New Album

Brikkuni front man Mario Vella gave an exclusive interview to The Yuppie, discussing, amongst other things, his band’s upcoming album Rub Al Khali

What is the story behind Brikkuni?

It’s the story of any other band.  Youthful exuberance combined with a disproportionate sense of self and a voracious appetite for fun needing a creative channel to let them loose.


Why did you choose this particular type of music?

To be honest with you I always thought that veering away from any particular style of music was what ultimately defined us. We started out as folk-rock rabble-rousers with a penchant for melancholia. We are currently going through a lovelorn existentialist phase and god knows where we’ll end up by the fourth album. Then again, I might be deluding myself.



Many have noticed a change in the tonality of your music, from the satirical Kuntrabanda to Rub al Khali. What created this shift?

Life caught up. Plain and simple.


Why do you believe in the use of profanity in songs?

I don’t believe in the use of gratuitous profanity in songs. I believe in honesty. I also tend to believe that beauty can be unearthed from the unlikeliest of sources. Profanity included.



What about the new album?

It’s a semi-concept album about the dissolution of a much cherished ten year relationship. It’s meant to make you feel miserable in a good way.


What influences did Franco Battiato have on your music?

I guess there are shades of Battiato on the track ‘My Sejhet ismek nirtoghod’ but I don’t think that anyone listening to this album will immediately draw parallels. But I won’t complain if they do. Once you release the songs they are no longer entirely yours.



What do you think of the local scene?

Slowly improving but still in need of a kick up it’s arse every now and then. Less concern with international recognition and networking and more focus on the pure unadulterated pleasure of creating and connecting with people should do the trick. All else will follow. And if it doesn’t…so be it. You can always cherish the memory of a great gig or the writing of a song that actually meant something to someone. It’s a win – win situation you see.

You can listen to the beautiful Rub Al Khali over here. No one seems to be able to wait for the launch concert in May!

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