Meeting Mattea Gouder – A Mermaid That’s Both Little & Non-Committal

The University of Malta’s Student Fest is soon upon us once more. And although the protagonist of this year’s show is described as ‘non-committal’, we here at the Yuppie are committed to bringing you some coverage from the show. We caught up with Mattea Gouder, who’s playing the lead in this year’s event, and asked her about her experience of being a part of this annual event.


What course are you currently studying at the University of Malta?

First Year Medicine and Surgery.


Is this your first time on stage? If not, can you talk about your past theatre experiences?

I’ve been performing since I was around 4 when I joined Stagecoach, and we’d put on numerous shows throughout the year. Some of my favorite experiences include putting on musicals in Oxford and Surrey, and taking part in Girls Like That with Masquerade (2017).


What made you audition for Student’s Fest this year?

Lots of encouraging and persuading from friends who had done it in previous years and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun it was!


How familiar are you with the Little Mermaid?

It’s always been one of my childhood favourites, and six-year-old me was fascinated by mermaids and talking sea creatures!


Who’s your favourite character from the film and why?

It would have to be Sebastian, because his uptight and stubborn personality would never fail to make me laugh.


Are there any similarities that you see between yourself and Ariel?

I definitely relate to her headstrong character and determination to go after what she wants, but also to her daydreaming nature.


Why is the show called ‘the Non-Committal Little Mermaid’?

Let’s just say that the Ariel I play isn’t your typical princess, and has some modern day ideas of her own.


How has the rehearsal process been for you?

Although having rehearsals every day got a little tedious at times, I had a blast working with the cast and crew, and we soon became a family.


What is one memory that you will take away from your experience?

Has to be jamming out to the most random songs with the cast before rehearsals start.


Is there a specific number or moment from the show which is your favourite, that you can tease?

Without giving too much away, it involves 70s clothes, disco lights and a squawking seagull!



The Non-Committal Little Mermaid is an adaptation of the Disney classic Little Mermaid (1989). It is being organised by KSU, and will be running this weekend (13-14-15 April) at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta. You can buy your tickets from the KSU Office between 09:00 and 17:00 on weekdays, or by clicking here.

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