New Season – New Studio!

Calling all thespians, creatives, dreamers and unicorns!

It’s that time of the year again! Studio 18 are looking for people to join all their different programmes!

First off, you may ask, what is Studio 18? Loosely defined, Studio 18 is a collective of young creatives, all striving towards tearing down the fourth  wall in performance and pushing boundaries.

There are five programmes to choose from when auditioning for Studio 18. The Creative Lab, which includes the creation of devised work, acting and cultivating one’s creativity, The Muso Project which explores Musical Theatre  in its entirety  , Voice-Fit which focuses on voice and spoken text work, together with two individual programmes – one involving acting techniques and public speaking and the other Audition or Diploma Prep.

Who should audition for Studio 18? This is a call open to anyone who is first off; a creative. Someone willing to try new things, form fresh informed opinions, share ideas, be innovative. A dreamer. Dreamers are visionaries, and from a vision sparks idea. Studio 18 are all about turning their dreams into reality and will keep undoubtedly getting bigger and better.  Being a part of Studio 18 means you get to play hard while working hard. You get to do what you love while being disciplined enough to make sure you reach your full potential. Therefore, someone who auditions for Studio is willing to work to push themselves to the limit , whether on a personal level or together with your peers.

All this being said, I think that the most important element for anyone wanting to be a part of Studio 18 is passion. Studio 18’s passion resonates within their projects. Being the masterminds behind #babydaddy , Il-Hajja Xej Cool ta’ Teenager Jismu Julian, Limbo, Pietru u l-Lupu, Inez Kienet Perf and Dear Pete, these pieces are structured around current issues such as teen pregnancy, bullying, migration and loss at a young age. Together with contemporary staging through text, physical theatre and puppetry  , Studio 18 keeps working hard to showcase some of the best young talent our island as to offer.

Was this not enough to convince you to audition for Studio 18? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Studio 18 are giving you #15reasonswhy you should audition for one of their available programs. Through these reasons, one can truly get a feel on what life at studio truly is like. One can find all this on their Facebook event, which can be found HERE.

Auditions will be taking place between the 1st and 8th July! Scholarships and Part Scholarships can also be offered!

For more info and an application form, email Studio 18 at

For more information on Studio 18, make sure to stay updated by liking their Facebook page HERE and browsing through their website HERE.


Julia Cini

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