UPDATED: Explosion heard; Caravan catches fire in Marsa

Yet another explosion has happened on one of the nation’s main roads in Marsa, close to Addolorata cemetery.  On the road heading to Marsa, several witnesses reported hearing an explosion before seeing a caravan catch fire.

The caravan and the Audi it was attached to have since been extinguished by fire fighters.  Police have also said that, thankfully, nobody was injured in the incident.

Traffic however remains closed, presumably until the debris can be cleared from the area.

Live Updates Below

UPDATE [10.47] : It has been reported that an Audi was towing a caravan, when a fire started in one vehicle and reportedly spread to the other close to the Addolorata roundabout.

UPDATE [11:07]:  First pictures emerging from the scene of the incident:

UPDATE [11:14]:  Police are saying that, fortunately, nobody was injured in this incident.

UPDATE [11:18]:  The caravan and the car have been extinguished by fire fighters:

UPDATED [11:32]:  A witness has said that a fire seemed to spread out of the caravan.  The driver emerged from the vehicle to try and extinguish it; but was not able to and the fire subsequently spread to his car as well.

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