Delving Deeper into the EU’s Copyright Reforms

The Yuppie, along with university media organisations Insite Malta and the Third Eye, had the pleasure of being invited to interview MEP Therese Comodini Cachia on the EU’s proposed Copyright Reforms; a bill of reforms which she is at the helm of.  The debate, titled Access to Content Online, was hosted by KSU in collaboration with the European People’s Party.

The main basis of this reform is to make content legally available to more people and more countries.  This will be done through collaboration with content creators, media platforms and media providers who will work together to remove the idea of geo-blocking and make content available to all.  This also makes sure that the creators themselves receive a proper remuneration for their talents and products.

The response from Maltese companies and artists to this reform has been very positive so far, according to Dr. Comodini Cachia.  She went on to say that whilst it is not easy to attain agreement with overseas companies, as these all have their own – normally competing – agendas, this will not stop her from continuing and completing her work on this proposal.

When asked about what motivated the change in legislation, Dr. Comodini Cachia noted that it was the success of the internet that has brought about these changes.  The last copyright laws were set up 16 years ago, in a time when the internet was only a fledgling idea in the minds of it’s creators.  Nowadays it is one of the most important elements of modern day society; and it is this that has motivated the recent change in legislation.

One cannot speak about copyright without speaking about piracy.  When asked about the issue of piracy, Dr. Comodini Cachia spoke about how important it is to enforce the copyright measures that they are putting in.  The reforms will also incorporate new measures to stop the problem, and work on these is expected to start around the months of May and June.

These reforms form part of the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy.  The aim of this strategy is to tear down the national barriers within Europe and to turn the continent into a true single market fit for the digital age.  Dr. Comodini Cachia spoke about how, through this strategy, mobile data roaming charges have already been abolished.  She also spoke about how, after this copyright reform comes into play; the next thing that will be tackled is the matter of international postage.

This was an exceptionally informative interview and we thank both the EPP for inviting us and also Dr. Therese Comodini Cachia for answering all of our questions.

We wish her the best of luck with this initiative and look forward to seeing it develop further!

Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie, History graduate and serial offender at missing the morning alarm clock.

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Albert Galea

Co-Founder of The Yuppie, History graduate and serial offender at missing the morning alarm clock.