Keep track of your upcoming Tasks & Assignments with FreeHour’s latest feature

After months of development, FreeHour have finally announced their newest addition to their popular app; the Tasks & Assignments feature.

The Tasks & Assignments section will give students the opportunity to track their upcoming (and, for the less deadline-friendly of us, overdue) tasks or assignments in a clean and stream-lined manner.

This new feature will be split into two sections: one for upcoming and overdue tasks and assignments, and another for all the completed one; a section which is sure to be a source of self-accomplishment and satisfaction as the semester progresses. Marking a task as completed, and hence shifting it from one section to the other, is as simple as tapping a check-box.

Now, we’ve all been in that situation where an assignment creeps up on you without you realising, and then suddenly slapping you in the face with the full force of reality and essentially advising you of the number of frantic, coffee-fueled all-nighters that you’re going to have to magically accomplish to reach your deadline.  Assignments do have a tendency to do that – it’s not at all because you’d have forgotten.

Still, just in case you are the forgetful type, the new section has you covered as well.  This is because one of the new features within it gives students to ability to customise reminders to their heart’s content so to make sure that they never miss the due date for one of their tasks or assignments.

It’s not the only cool feature that the app has; students are also able to share their task and assignments with their class friends, hence removing the hassle of inputting (or forgetting) your own upcoming task or assignment.

FreeHour is an application founded in 2017 which allows students to share their timetable schedule with their friends.  It also contains an extremely helpful stipend countdown feature.  Thousands of students across various educational institutions use FreeHour on a daily basis, making it one of the most popular apps on campus.

Furthermore, FreeHour is also hosting a giveaway, with prizes including 10 TimeToEat vouchers and a pair of Apple AirPod wireless earphones as the Grand Prize.