Meet the New KSU!

The hour has come for the changing of the guards within the KSU Council, with the old executive making way, and the new team elected last April now taking centre stage.

But who are they, exactly?

Most have served on the KSU board during this scholastic year, and have found such a flare for politics that they couldn’t help but run again. And others are newbies to the political scene, hailing from various organisations, including the sciences as well as the arts.

William Farrugia

He was the Secretary General at SDM, then the Sec Gen of KSU, and now will be your KSU President. “The past year as Secretary General was a very rewarding one, Farrugia told The Yuppie. “Some of the most notable achievements this year would be equally split between our focus on sustainability and our renewed focus on students and student organisations in both our initiatives and events.” William Farrugia has held high positions in student politics for a while, and it looks like he’s here to give out the fruits of that experience.

Celine Bartolo

You’d often find Celine Bartolo behind the curtains getting ready to get on stage. So seeing Bartolo in an administrative role after being in the Culture and Entertainment office is definitely new to most that know her. But she’s got the charisma, style, and attitude that any leader surely needs. It’s going to be interesting to see how she takes on her new role.

Christian Aquilina

Aquilina is another old soul in KSU. He worked alongside Petra Grech in the Social Policy office after experience with JEF, but now will take on the bureaucratic role of Secretary General. “Following my work as Social Policy Coordinator,” he said, “I believe I have quite a sound idea of what students expect from the Council.”

Eman Haber

He’s the Money Man that isn’t letting go of his bank notes. He served as Financial Officer during the year 18/19 and will continue to do so for the year to come, while also serving as Faculty Rep for FEMA. Money might not buy you happiness, but it’s giving Haber enough to suffice his need to serve University students. “More than ever, I have learnt a lot during this term and thus,” Haber said. “I had the opportunity to touch upon every project which the council is involved in, because obviously the council cannot function without having funds readily available at hand.”

Thomas Mifsud

“When I was in SACES, the projects which to me were the most satisfying were the ones during which students could share, discuss and exhibit their ideas outside of the confines of University,” Thomas Mifsud told The Yuppie. He’s a SACES soul with a need for aesthetic precision, and will surely add an interesting dynamic to the upcoming KSU Council. “To me, the reason why student activism is important is precisely this – the role of the student outside of the lecture halls is fundamental to ensure that the professionals of the next generation are more involved within the communal fabric.”

Naomi Attard

From Education Coordinator to International Officer, Naomi Attard shows off a genuine interest to serve the people. The increase of the 20-hour working limit, proposals to allow students to submit their assignments online, and lobbying for students to be accredited for student activism are among the list of things that Attard will be working towards. “These are problems that students still face every day and I would like to see the education office maintain the advocacy of students’ needs as a priority,” she said.

May Hefny

May Hefny is a new face that’s full of energy and enthusiasm. She was part of the S-Cubed organisation in her role as International Officer, and she’ll be keeping that role on the KSU Council. From my experience as international officer of S-Cubed, I have always worked towards creating innovative and original ideas for the students to enhance their University experience,” Hefny informed The Yuppie. “We will continue to build on the work KSU has done throughout the year! We will also be focusing on Integration of different communities and cultures within the university to bring a sense of community between all of the students.”

Julia Cini

She’s got a love for anything stage-related and culture-oriented. Julia Cini is full of ideas, with a bubbly personality and a hell of a lot of experience in the performing arts, telling The Yuppie “I’ve loved the theatre ever since I could walk and talk.” “This year, I would really love to bring the local theatre scene closer to the UoM student, with things like promoting auditions on the KSU Artists Hub.” She’s also a founding member of The Yuppie itself, and served as the organisation’s editor for the past year – experience that will surely serve her in good stead.

Matthew Gauci

Matthew Gauci is new to the KSU team, and will be working alongside Cini to bring you some of the best of next year’s entertainment and cultural events. Gauci said that it is through his experience in ASCS and as a faculty rep in FEMA that he has “the right tools to work for students from different backgrounds and create an environment that can be representative of the entire student body.” His participation in events such as Student’s Fest will surely guide him throughout the year!

Matthew Xuereb

From Engineering to Education, Xuereb is involved in quite the mix of things. When asked how he believes the two link up, he said that “If anything, the role of Education Coordinator will give me the opportunity to focus more on what was my main role in my tenure as President without having to delve into the administrative duties that the role many times entails.” Due to his experience as UESA President, Xuereb is all too familiar with some of the challenges that he’ll be facing this term; “I anticipate a challenging year ahead of us due to various circumstances such as the Engineering Warrant issue, changes to the Engineering Profession Act, the first cohort of students from Barts Medical school who will be joining UM students at Mater Dei for placements and there are still questions when it comes to the European Digital University.” There’s no denying Xuereb is prepared to face the upcoming challenges head-on.

Naomi Deguara

She’ll be your KPS guide to all things worth debating at University, and she owes all her enthusiasm to MHSA, where she worked as Social Policy Coordinator. “My experience as Social Policy Coordinator gave me the exposure I need to understand the KSU Social Policy Office,” she said. She wants to lead it “into being the office that is most representative of all student organisations and their respective student bodies.”

Katrina Farrugia

Katrina Farrugia will be taking on what was Petra Grech’s role – that of KPS Commissioner. Having been elected by students organisations mid-way through last April, Farrugia brings a raft of experience to the table, having occupied the roles of Social Policy Commissioner, Vice-President and President within Betapsi since 2016.

Yacopo Baldacchino

Nobody can really forget the whole saga surrounding the Education Commissioner election through last April – but in the end it was Yacopo Baldacchino to be elected to the role by student representatives. Baldacchino brings with him experience from S-Cubed, having served as their Public Relations Officer and their President over the past three years.

The Yuppie wishes the very best of luck to the new KSU members and look forward to bearing witness to their work throughout the upcoming year!

Becca Bonello Ghio

All Becca needs in life is the sun, a good joke, and fun people to enjoy all of that with. For extra points include: a nutritious snack, some soul music, and a notepad, and the girl is all yours.

Becca Bonello Ghio

All Becca needs in life is the sun, a good joke, and fun people to enjoy all of that with. For extra points include: a nutritious snack, some soul music, and a notepad, and the girl is all yours.