The return of the classics

Back in 2017, Malta witnessed the launch of Vox Depicta, an illustrated collection of Latin proverbs translated into Maltese and English. Following its success, The Malta Classics Association is happy to announce their new book, Vox Aspecta, edited by Lara Zammit and in collaboration with talented local artist Warren Bartolo and the MCA’s very own Classicist, Maria Zammit.

Vox Aspecta may be seen as a sequel to Vox Depicta, however, readers can enjoy also a short and sweet commentary accompanying each proverb, adding context and food for thought. The book is very versatile in itself: it can be a perfect gift for anyone to be dipped into a leisure, teaching some valuable philosophy, but it can also be viewed from an academic perspective, for those who would like to go further into the provenance of the proverbs and their respective history.

In the spirit of Valletta having been the European capital of culture, and in order to preserve the Roman heritage which characterises so much of the historic beauty which prevails in Malta, the Vox Aspecta is a bridge of familiarity which connects the past and the present, timeless proverbs which stand evermore relevant.

The book launch will be held at The Beer Cave on Friday 26th April at 7pm. Copies of Both Vox Depicta and Vox Aspecta will be available on the night, and they will shortly be up for purchase on the MCA’s website.