KIM JONG-NAM: what we know so far.


Kim Jong-Un’s stepbrother, Kim Jong-Nam was murdered in Kuala Lumpur’s airport on the 13th February as he was travelling using a diplomatic passport bearing the name of Kim Chol. Malaysian authorities released that he was poisoned with VX nerve gas, applied on his face by two women, who have been identified. One of them is infamous, “LOL” T-shirt owner, Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong. The North Korean and Malaysian governments have been having a row over KJN’s body, the former refusing to accept the results of the autopsy done in Malaysia, as claimed by North Korean Ambassador Kang Chol, since it was carried out without permission and witnessing of the DPRK – The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.



This whole incident is rather incoherent if you ask me.


Why does nobody react when the woman rubs his face with a cloth??? If you haven’t watched the footage yet, I suggest you judge by yourselves about the odd tranquillity surrounding Kim Jong-Nam and his attacker.

VX nerve gas is known to be an extremely lethal substance so how come the North Korean leader’s step-brother managed to seek help without showing any major symptoms? In fact, it’s described as “the most toxic substance known” by Debora MacKenzie to the New Scientist, “10 milligrammes of the oily liquid on your skin, less than a drop, is lethal”.


What does it do exactly?


VX or O-ethyl S-[2-(diisopropylamino)ethyl] methylphosphonothioate (try pronouncing that really quickly 7 times in a row) is a nerve agent that inhibits (basically blocks the active site and stops any reaction) the enzyme (acetyl cholinesterase) is responsible for the breakdown of the organic chemical (acetylcholine) that acts as a neurotransmitter, carrying the signal to contract from nerves to muscles.

If the chemical can’t be broken down, one’s muscles will be in a state of constant contraction, often causing the victims to die of paralysed breathing. The symptoms of a lethal exposure include convulsions, loss of consciousness, froth at the mouth and general body paralysis. If the exposure to VX was mild or moderate, the victims may experience drowsiness, excessive sweating, blurry vision or eye pain and nausea.

Miraculously, neither the two women nor the medics showed symptoms linked with VX contamination.

(Well, in actual fact, one the women – Aisyah – is said to have vomited in the taxi but “denied reports she was showing any symptoms of VX contamination.”)

In the suspects’ case, they could have been injected with an antidote that hinders the effects of VX called atropine but there is no explanation as to how the medical team didn’t feel a thing, although the poison can work efficiently through skin contact and respiration.

Still about the VX nerve gas, if it is so toxic, then why the hell wasn’t the airport disinfected any sooner?

Why didn’t the Malaysian government agree to have North Korean officials as witnesses and told them that the victim died of a heart attack, moreover, why are they refusing to send the body back?


Kim Jong-Nam next to his father, Kim Jong-Il.


So far, one suspect out of eight is in custody in Malaysia and the local government blames North Korea for the murder. Furthermore, this premeditated homicide is very likely to turn into a political issue, Malaysian authorities against the North Korean government, to solve the case of the Leader’s disheired half-brother.


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