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Think of this.  It’s Monday afternoon, you’ve got a lecture with some bore of a professor coming up.  But wait!  Joy of joys!  A UoM Alert comes in.  Your lecturer has come down with some unnamed illness and won’t be able to give the lesson!  Euphoria!  As the euphoria dies down however, you notice you’ve been caught out.  This isn’t normally a free slot; you don’t know who is free with you and who isn’t.  But wait!  Before you condemn yourself to spending the next hour wallowing around quad or sitting in the library inevitably skiving off your work; let me be the one to tell you that there is now a solution for your problem!

Behold the new FreeHour app; a Maltese solution for an all too common predicament.  Gone are the days when you have to awkwardly trudge through your Messenger contact list and ask “Aw man int free jew?” to any person you know and have a vague amount of tolerance towards.  Now, the whole awkward process is gone because of this app.

How it works is simple.  First, download the FreeHour app (which you can do irrespective of whether you’re on an Android phone or an Apple phone).  Then sync it to your Facebook account; and then just input your timetable into the app.  Final step?  Invite your friends and let FreeHour do the rest of the work for you.  The app will automatically sync your free lessons with those of your friends, and make this information available to you.

You’d think it’s more complicated; but honestly – it isn’t.  That’s literally all you have to do.  So wave goodbye to free lessons alone and let FreeHour help you find your friends.  And just in case you were thinking that this applies to University students only; FreeHour works across all of Malta’s post-secondary schools, not just University.  With over 1200 downloads already, the app has been a hit so far – and there’s nothing of its kind that looks like stopping it.

You can follow FreeHour on Facebook HERE or on their website HERE!  If you’re already sold on the idea, you can download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store now!


Albert Galea

A 21 year old History student (no, I’m not as boring as that makes me sound) and footballer who has an opinion on virtually everything. Known to be quite loud with said opinion. Caution required when approaching before 10am.

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