Shots fired at Paris Orly

The Paris Orly airport has been evacuated following the death of a radicalised Muslim, Ziyed B, shot by soldiers from the “Operation Sentinel” squad this morning around 8:30 in hall 1 of the airport Orly-Sud upon his attempt to steal the Famas rifle of a French Air Force pilot.

Ziyed B, in his forties, was known to the French police and intelligence services. He was under judicial arrest due to an armed robbery case, however, he was not placed in the “Fichier S” – individuals who could be a possible threat to the State.



The police linked the affair to the shooting early this morning on the border between Val-d’Oise and Seine-Saint-Denis, where Ziyed, driving a Clio, had been controlled by the police and handed over his papers before firing in the direction of two policemen – one of which has been struck in the face – and then fled.

A few minutes later, the car had been found in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), where he fired again in order to carjack a Citroën Picasso, which was later found at the airport, Bruno LeRoux, Ministry of the Interior confirmed.

The Orly-Ouest wing has been reopened at noon but Orly-Sud is still out of bounds. Some flights have been redirected to Charles de Gaulle as air traffic stagnates.

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