Bad Analogies and Politics


Following Mr Erdoğan’s comments after being butthurt by German authorities, it seems about time to make it a priority to eradicate nugatory remarks. Period.

If you’re not updated, I’ve got your back. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described the situation in Germany as “not have anything to do with democracy” and that the “current practices are no different from the Nazi practices of the past.” He supplemented his rant with the oh-so-well-thought-through “it’s been a long time since Germany left [Nazi practices]. We are mistaken”.


Now, I’ve summarised the aforementioned situation just for you:


Turkey arrested a German-Turkish journalist for Die Welt, Deniz Yücel, because apparently he was spreading “terrorist propaganda”.

Gaggenau – a town in Germany – received bomb threats upon cancelling the political rallies, at which the Turkish justice minister Bekir Bozdağ was to appear.

Cologne followed Gaggenau shortly, using the excuse of a double-booking of the city hall.

A very irritated Erdoğan accused Germany of perpetuating “Nazi practices” because he was expecting the members of his cabinet to urge the Turkish community to vote for constitutional changes, giving him “sweeping new powers”, and that could not occur since the rallies were called off.



This isn’t Turkey’s only beef with Germany (watch: Jan Böhmermann’s poem) and it certainly isn’t the last.


However, somebody, please give Erdoğan a good shake, maybe his brain cells will fall into place. Firstly because the local authorities cancelled those rallies and not the German government. Secondly, Turkey barely has any freedom of speech nor press and he dares to attack Merkel? Come the fuck on. I know she messed up quite a few times these past years but she’s keeping a low profile and is taking reasonable decisions, at last, so cut her some slack.


The point is: people need to stop comparing individuals to Nazis or Hitler or any of the sort. It’s witless. It’s absolutely and utterly wrong, out-dated, puerile. It’s like comparing your draconian middle school maths teacher Mrs Graham to a witch. Not only are you making a complete fool out of yourself for getting facts wrong, because, let’s face it, Germany back then (under National Socialist rule) was doing much better than under a Democratic rule BUT the discussion, debate, argument, whatever you were having is immediately over. It is over as soon as you make this futile, imbecile comparison. Why? Because it is an irrational analogy.

And quit calling Donald Trump the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.



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Dora Marossy

Currently reading Mary Beard's Confronting the Classics and Factfulness by Hans Rosling.

Dora Marossy

Currently reading Mary Beard's Confronting the Classics and Factfulness by Hans Rosling.