Ultimate Pet Peeve: Third-wave Feminism.

First of all, let’s set the definition straight.






A timeline.


Nineteenth and early twentieth century: First-wave Feminism: suffrage – the right to vote in political elections – and other legal rights.




The early sixties: Second-wave Feminism: mainly focused on reproductive rights – access to the contraceptive pill and abortion – as well as an equal pay and equal job opportunities.




Today: Third-wave Feminism whose purpose I fail to see.




Promoting liberal sex and victimisation of women?


Third-wave Feminism.

Or as I like to call it: an absolutely degenerate movement.


Apparently, today’s Feminists are still fighting for equality between men and women. Rightly so, that is what they should be thriving for according to the definition. But in actual fact, I don’t think they’re aware of the image they’re putting forward.

Third-wave Feminism, as you might have noticed, is mainly on the Net. It’s just a bunch of women screaming Death to the Patriarchy – a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. I mean, I get it, they don’t want men to appear superior to them so they rebel in the worst way possible, leaving their dignity and credibility behind. Furthermore, they seem to be fighting for equality – trying to achieve it by victimising women in almost every gender-neutral issue that arises.  They don’t want labels – but they classify themselves anyways – and hurl back with “stop Rape Culture.”


Rape Culture. People have constructed various definitions, the most accurate perhaps being; “the set of beliefs that encourage male sexual aggression and supports violence against women.” There’s a massive spotlight on women being called names after getting raped and being told that it’s their fault – which, I have to admit, they are not responsible for and they don’t deserve the negativity. However, why does nobody speak about women falsely accusing men of rape? Women, who utterly ruin a man’s life with their lies?

A Patriarchal society does not exist and the Male Privilege doesn’t exist either.

The Wage Gap is a myth. Women aren’t paid less for the same position, women simply tend to choose jobs with a lower amount of working hours and less responsability in order to have time for their children.  This notion was suggested by Malta’s Civil Liberties Minister Helena Dalli, saying that “when a man and a woman start off their careers at the same stage and with the same qualifications, the men tend to end up earning a higher wage, largely due to the woman taking on additional responsibilities.”

Women who call themselves Feminists are not trying to reach an equality of sexes, they want to be superior to men. We don’t need equality, we need equity. Women are not looked down upon when they call men “stupid” or “useless” but God forbid that those words leave a man’s mouth. They go out in the streets, naked, to protest, trying to put forward that it’s fine to be a slut? Yes, women should be independent, both sexually and financially, but they should not be shamed if they do not choose that path and would rather remain at home with their children (read: “No woman should be authorised to stay home to raise her children. Women should not have that choice, because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.”). I believe that women forgot or simply don’t know the meaning of Feminism anymore.


This is not Feminism.

Feminism is not about subordinating men.

Feminism is not about pretending to be weird, sexually-freed unicorns.

Feminism is not about “free the nipple” and “why can he go out shirtless and I cannot?”.

Feminism is not about putting an end to fat-shaming and then bullying thin, healthy, fit women.

Feminism is not about screaming at the top of my lungs that women are better. We all have our flaws, strengths and weaknesses. We are not being objectified by men but by the Media, and guess what! So are men!


Triggered yet?


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1 thought on “Ultimate Pet Peeve: Third-wave Feminism.”

  1. Im so sorry, but this argument isnt even an argument? i found this because you posted on facebook, and im sorry, but just because there are women that look down on men, or even female feminists – I make this distinction because men can be feminists too, doesnt mean third wave feminists are in the wrong? It just means assholes exist in the world – which will never cease.
    Your ‘argument’ is that third wave feminism is simply there to ‘promote liberal sex and victimisation’.
    However, what is your idea of promotion of liberal sex? The increasing sex positivity within our society, possibly due to social media activism? I dont see how this is a problem – and you didnt state how it is either. Sex positivity allows for greater sex education, which is vital to ensuring a healthy population, as well as preventing teen pregnancy. Victimisation…again, how so? Simply tossing out words does not give an argument.
    Now, your actual argument. You not only fail to mention why you brought up rape culture, but also dont show why in any way it is of no use, actually, you acknowledge one of the reasons for its existence. And your only move to weaken the need for focus on rape culture is to bring up mens issues? See, there is nothing wrong with mentioning mens issues, actually, it is of vital importance that we address them, and feminists are trying to do so constantly. But to bring up mens issues, such as falsehoods about rape, only to negate womens issues, does a disservice to both men and women. You do not care about mens issues, but are simply using them to deflect other peoples issues, which to me, is absolutely disrespectful. Now, let me give an example of rape culture in action, when a man, accused of rape, found to have said inexcusable words describing sexual assault, is able to be elected president – because people do not give a shit if he is potentially a rapist, or sexual harrasser, or pedophile. That is excusing rape, and that is I think, the ultimate example of the fruit of rape culture.
    Once again, you give a premise with no argument, so I shall offer none of my own until you do.
    The wage gap. Now, this varies greatly with country, and thankfully in Malta, according to The European Union, has one of the lower discrepancies in pay.
    However, even though women choosing lower paying jobs, and the jobs they are steretypically ‘expected’ to do is an actual issue, which you should not dismiss, there is also a discrepancy in pay between equal workers. Why? because, those who hire, and give the check, are typically men in boards, where few to no women are present.
    ‘Women who call themselves Feminists are not trying to reach an equality of sexes, they want to be superior to men.’
    well, Sorry to disprove you, but you already shot yourself in the foot by saying ‘all’, because Im a feminist, and last I checked, I didnt want to be superior to men. May I ask how third wave feminism wishes to be superior? Is it because of the wish to have less domestic violence perpetrated towards women? Is it to remove the tampon tax? How do these supress men?
    Feminism, as recently stated by a newly emerging feminist, Emma Watson, isnt about denigrating women who choose to work from home or not. It is about giving women the choice whether or not they would like to, free from social restrictions and expectations. Without the social change feminism has brought about, you, 20 years ago, may have been told why enter genetic engineering, when your duty is to stay at home? STEM have a huge problem, in fact, where the majority of people who work in any field are men, whilst women are getting the majority of qualifications. This could be for many reasons, one of which is the huge presence of male majority boards, be it trying to get a job – as seen in the well known case of giving 2 CV’s whose only difference is name, and being found it is the male who is more often picked, or be it trying to be published.
    These are real issues, which you fail to address, and which are the reasons why feminism is still pertinent today.

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